August 4 - 13

Fresh St. Market Daylight & Twilight: Media Installation

August 8 – 10
4 – 10 p.m.
Arygle Avenue between 14th and 16th Street

In collaboration with Arts Assembly, the Harmony Arts Festival presents a new media installation: Fresh St. Market Daylight & Twilight. Replacing the Art of Photography, Daylight & Twilight will offer an experience that explores multiple types of media including photography, film and interactive art.

Taking place in the Art Market tents along Argyle Avenue, this project blends performance with film screenings and exhibitions and plays with the idea of the tent as a public forum and marketplace.

The day portion of the program will include an interactive project using tents run by Jacob Gleeson that will involve artist talks, screenings, exhibitions and performances. As the light fades, the twilight portion of the program, led by new media artist Vincent Van Haaff, will stun audiences through the combination of animation and projection mapping.

The Art Market tents will morph into a sensational lighting display to create a corridor that pays homage to the natural beauty of our West Vancouver community.