July 31–August 9, 2020

Exhibition: Home, Shelter, Belonging

Date: August 4–13
Time: 11 a.m.–9 p.m.
Location: East of Millenium Park

This exhibition in collaboration with the West Vancouver Museum, focuses on metaphors of home and shelter and the related idea of belonging whether cultural, social or creative.

These metaphors also function as a means of exploring larger themes of settlement and immigration in Canada and their impacts on both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples.

Participating artists, designers, and photographers from diverse cultural backgrounds examine both historic and contemporary concepts of home, whether it is a place or dwelling where one was born, the re-establishment of claims to place following their erasure by war or colonization, or the recreation of a sense of belonging in another country far from one's homeland.

The precariousness of habitation and differences between (long-term) dwellings and (temporary) shelters may also be explored.

*West Vancouver Museum