July 31–August 9, 2020


Harmony Arts Festival, presented by Odlum Brown Limited, began 30 years ago with a simple dream: to give the North Shore a festival worthy of its unparalleled setting.

Harmony Arts was born from our desire to create a community-oriented celebration of the visual arts and has grown to include culinary and performing arts. With Harmony, we share the very best that West Vancouver has to offer: creative arts and community, all set against a view that can't be beat.

We've seen the profound impact that a diverse and sophisticated festival like Harmony Arts can have on our community and its citizens. Harmony is where longtime locals mingle with new neighbours, art enthusiasts meet enthusiastic novices and generations come together on the waterfront.

Along the way, we've built a community that extends beyond the North Shore. Each year, the festival attracts more than 140,000 visitors from the Sea to Sky and across Metro Vancouver: together, we celebrate the spirit, lifestyle and natural beauty that make this place so special.

Thirty years of tireless work by volunteers, sponsors and community partners have resulted in the North Shore’s premier arts festival. Join us for groundbreaking performances, stunning visual arts and world-class culinary experiences.

Harmony Arts Festival. A uniquely West Van experience.


The Harmony Arts Festival takes place in West Vancouver along the waterfront on Argyle Avenue, from 14th to 16th Street. Festival sites include John Lawson Park, Millennium Park, Ambleside Landing, the Music Box, the Silk Purse and the Ferry Building Gallery.

For more information about these arts facilities, visit westvancouver.ca/arts-culture.

Zero waste

The Harmony Arts Festival is proud to be a Zero Waste Festival. In 2019, the festival further improved by diverting 87.5 per cent of its waste from landfills with the support of Green Chair Recycling.

  • 723 bags of garbage saved
  • 5,550 kg of items recycled
  • 15.9 tonnes of CO2 saved (the equivalent of driving 260 round trips from Vancouver to Whistler)


  • seated outdoor dining  
  • two licensed beachside lounges 
  • food trucks 
  • ticketed culinary events


  • fifty-two musical performances  
  • Indigenous welcoming ceremonies 
  • Indigenous carvers 
  • outdoor author reading


  • eighty art market vendors 
  • waterfront art exhibitions 
  • twenty-seven artist workshops and demonstrations 
  • forty-five artist works displayed in local businesses 
  • drop-in activities for children 
  • nine outdoor movies