Martha Sturdy

2023 Featured Artist: Martha Sturdy

M A R T H A  S T U R D Y

One World

One World consists of two balanced aluminum shapes, teetering precariously on an axis, much like the axis of the Earth, and painted in an arresting, vibrant yellow. The vulnerability of this balancing act is representative of the current state of the globe, at its tipping point.

An unwavering optimist, Martha Sturdy has long observed life through a positive lens. In a critical moment for climate change, Sturdy hopes to bring her positive perspective to the next generation of the Earth’s caretakers: our children. While Sturdy admits she does not have all of the answers, her hope is to engage younger generations by drawing their attention to the simplicity of a cube and a sphere on the brink of tumbling to the ground, but ready to be tipped in a new, positive direction. The immense aluminum sculpture is a bright, optimistic yellow, reminiscent of the positive life force that is the sun, and selected for its emotive qualities.

Sturdy, now in her eighties, is of the opinion that she has a responsibility to share her lifetime of observations with future generations. Her lived experiences have taught her that focusing on positive, action-oriented solutions is truly the only solution.

“We have one world, let’s take care of it.”

-Martha Sturdy

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