A man playing a guitar on stage, captivating a crowd with his music and performance.



Stay tuned for the 2024 schedule!


RE/MAX Garden East Stage

Sponsored by RE/MAX

The destination for 10 days and nights of live music paired with delicious food and drinks.
Park Royal Beachside Patio

Sponsored by Park Royal

A vibrant waterfront view and refreshing cold beverages make it one of the best dining spots on a summer day.

Park Royal

Sponsored by British Pacific Properties

Join us under the Artspeaks tent for a stimulating lineup of artist talks, art demonstrations, and more.
Beedie West Stage

Sponsored by Beedie

The Beedie West Stage will bring a musical waterfront experience for 10 days of entertainment and fun.
The image is a logo for the company "Beedie" featuring the word "Living."
For The Love of Art: Youth Art Exhibition

Sponsored by IRIS The Visual Group

The exhibition showcases a selection of art created by local youth under 19 years old during the festival.